(1)   Why not just go to 2 services?

A great strength is our generational health and corporate worship all TOGETHER.  This is pinnacle of who we are and what we do, not to mention logistics of music/choir, deacons, safety team which is not a reality with a “two-service” syndrome.  However, the reality is that we do not have room for parking, restrooms, classrooms, gathering space, etc. for the whole as one congregation as we continue to grow.

(2) Why not go ahead and plant church now instead of spending all this money?

This answer is simple:  we can’t plant a church now while still remaining a healthy church.

(3)  The cost is too much… how do we pay for it?

Sure, this is substantial re-investment, but for long-term benefit for generations to come.  We trust THE LORD WILL PROVIDE.  He always has, and we trust He always will!  Every member, by the grace of God, will commit to sacrificially and generously give above and beyond normal annual giving in order to get the project debt paid in full in a short time.  Whenever Bethel has sought to faithfully expand in the past, the Lord has always provided through the Bethel family.  We anticipate He will do so again through the Bethel membership.

(4) Sanctuary is a historical building on historical register and can’t make any changes?

We own the building and have checked with authorities and we absolutely CAN (and should) make appropriate expansions and safety updates and expansion.  We are committed to doing so in a way that retains the historical character and integrity that we all love.

(5) Families will be offended if we ask them to pay MORE than they are already giving.

No one should be offended because we are not “asking” anyone to give specifically.  We are indeed asking every member to prayerfully pursue the Lord’s call for their  participation and making a volunteer commitment to get the investment repaid responsibly.

(6) What if…? (…economy tanks…growth slows down in community/at Bethel, something happens to Pastors…Disaster occurs…country at war…?)

Hypotheticals are difficult.  We are committed to be wise stewards and conservative in our approach so that will allow us to weather any unforeseen circumstances faithfully.

(7) How long construction? WHERE would we park, worship, SS, etc during construction? Too disruptive?

Surely we will have some temporary inconveniences but we have been told an approx. estimate of 9 months for construction.  We will park in areas that are not affected by construction and if needed, will provide transportation from temporary parking areas to buildings.  We are hopeful that we will be able to worship in the sanctuary for the majority of construction.  We will plan to gather for worship in our Family Life Center for specific weeks that we are unable to meet in sanctuary.  We will be working to provide safe and accessible space for Sunday school and other gatherings throughout.